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Children of Tomorrow
Children are the brightest treasures we bring forth into this world, but too large a percentage of the population continues to treat them as inconveniences and nuisances, when they're not treating them as possessions or toys.

Hi !!! We are Supporting Heart

We’re a drop-in center located in Mae Sai, a town in Northern Thailand bordering Burma. We serve the street women and children of Mae Sai. Most are from poor Burmese villages. They cross the border each day to beg. Children are expected to provide for their family -they beg for a daily 'quota', mostly around 50 Thai Baht ($1.60 AUD).

Their food is whatever is left in the rubbish.

Message from Frank

The children you have just read about are real and do exist. They have been subjected to horrific experiences... Beaten, burned, tortured, trafficked, raped, starved, shot, forced into drugs... Five to ten year olds favoured by paedophiles... Sold into brothels and become SEX SLAVES... It goes on every day and night.

They are the prey of every kind of pervert, and scorned by nearly all. They may be the same age as your precious loved ones who you would protect with your life.

We are doing the same as you would - these children are our future. They have none of what is available to you and they are entitled to nothing. We and people like us are their only hope and without support for our ministry we also cannot survive. We survive on donations, no matter how large or small; without them we would have to close.

Any regular donation, (or even a single donation) to Supporting Heart can make a difference to lives. We are fighting for the rights and survival of our Trafficked, Abused Women and Children, and Street Children as well as those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. We are always looking for donors on a one off or regular basis, along with sponsors for our children�s needs. We would be grateful if you would pass our information on to anyone you know seeking a good cause to support.

Thank you for your time.
Frank Smith
Founder of Supporting Heart

Photo Gallery of our kids


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